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Webcast overview 


Watch local democracy in Manchester.

We are committed to making our democratic processes as open and transparent as possible, making it easier for our residents to see how the decisions that affect them, their neighbourhoods and their communities are made.

From here you will be able to access live and archived webcasts of our decision making and scrutiny meetings. If you miss a live meeting you will find it in the Webcast library for 6 months after the meeting took place. To view a webcast simply click on the title of the meeting you want to watch.

All ourĀ meeting agendas and papers are available on the Council website.

How our webcasts work

Webcasts are audio and video transmitted over the web. Cameras film our meetings and send the information, via our partner Public-i, to your computer through your Internet connection.

Our Help page can tell you more about webcasting, how it works, and what you need to access our service.

Get in touch

If you need more information or want to give us your feedback then pleaseĀ email us.


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